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October 16, 2018 Google Search Algorithm Update

Trust me, I am even getting tired of reporting on Google search algorithm updates – we’ve had so many but there are numerous signs of another update. One that touched down yesterday late morning, October 16th. Most, not all, but most of the automated tracking tools are showing signs of the update and there is some chatter in the SEO communities around an update.

from Search Engine Roundtable https://ift.tt/2AeMp15

Google Local Panel Shows Products & Services Section

Andy Simpson posted on Twitter and in the Local Search Forums a screen shot of Google showing a products and services section in the local panel result for a business. In Google My Business you have the option to fill in your products and services but it has not shown directly in the local panel in web search before now.

from Search Engine Roundtable https://ift.tt/2QQt1gu

Google People Also Search For Changing Things Up

Over the past week or so, Google has been testing different ways to show the people also search for feature in search and mobile search. We covered them showing up in the local results but look at these screen shots shared by Brodie Clark and Valentin Pletzer. You can see mini results, reference lists, and so much is going on here.

from Search Engine Roundtable https://ift.tt/2CSd32g

Google Has Fully Deprecated AJAX Crawling Scheme

Google has been deprecating, killing off support for, their old AJAX crawling scheme since 2015. It has been dying a slow death but now Google’s John Mueller has said on Twitter is has been fully deprecated.

from Search Engine Roundtable https://ift.tt/2PEEtvB

Did Google Say 46% Of Searches Have Local Intent?

Supposedly there was a local event at the main Google headquarters in Mountain View, California the other day and at that event a Googler said that 46% of all queries have local intent. I do trust the source but all I have is a tweet from this SEO on this stat.

from Search Engine Roundtable https://ift.tt/2PEynuU

Google Search Calculator Shows Formulas For Conversions

Google is now showing the formula used for calculating some conversions and other math problems in search. Do a search for [10 pounds to kg] or something similar and you will see a “formula” section under the answer that says “for an approximate result, divide the mass value by 2.205.”

from Search Engine Roundtable https://ift.tt/2AeN6aG

Google My Business Dashboard Adds Map To Address

The Google My Business dashboard typically by default only shows the address without a map on the info tab when you are looking to edit your address. But it seems Google is changing that to show a visual map even before you edit your location.

from Search Engine Roundtable https://ift.tt/2PCZzKv

Google Search Algorithm Updates Impact Sites That Didn’t Have Ranking Changes

Google’s John Mueller said that most Google Search algorithm updates will have an impact on every site, even if the site did not see any ranking changes. John said on Twitter “our algorithms generally affect all sites in the search results, though not all of them might see changes in how they’re shown in search.”

from Search Engine Roundtable https://ift.tt/2yiFkLO

GoogleBot Favicon: Google Has A New Favicon Crawler

Google may have a new web crawler that specifically looks for Favicons, the little icons you see in your browser bar next to the URL. Favicons are associated with a particular website or web page and can be customized by the site owner.

from Search Engine Roundtable https://ift.tt/2PC3oQk

Google My Business Insights Queries Report One Quarter Date Range Available

Google My Business Insights which gives you analytics around how well your Google local listings are doing, added a quarter filter date range to the new queries report. Google added a queries report back a few months ago, it only offered a week and month for date filters, now it offers a quarter as well.

from Search Engine Roundtable https://ift.tt/2ExLgWS

Google: Huge Opportunity In Knowing JavaScript For Technical SEO

Google’s John Mueller believes that there is a lot of opportunity for a technical SEO to learn JavaScript. He said that there is going to be a lot more JavaScript development over the next couple years than in the previous two decades and having that skillset as a technical SEO gives you a competitive advantage over other SEOs.

from Search Engine Roundtable https://ift.tt/2QPUWx2

Google Again Tests Favicons In Search Results Snippets

Google is once again testing favicons in the search results snippets near the title of the result. We’ve seen Google test this last year, in 2013, in 2009 and other times. Here is a more recent screen shot from this year from Ric Rodriguez on Twitter.

from Search Engine Roundtable https://ift.tt/2NGOtmc

Google: If It Is Not Documented, It Can Change Over Time

Here is some advice from Google’s John Mueller on Reddit. He said, “my go to answer for these kind of questions is if it’s not documented it could change over time.” The question was on how Google treats 301 versus 308 redirects.

from Search Engine Roundtable https://ift.tt/2QPzzfe

New Google My Business Clear Option For Attributes

Google My Business lets you add attributes to your local business listing but there is no quick way to remove or clear these attributes. That is until today, Google just added a new feature clear out some of the attributes on your business.

from Search Engine Roundtable https://ift.tt/2IWpSch

Google People Also Search In Local Search Results

It looks like Google also has the “people also search for” feature in the local search finder results as well. If you go to the local results and click on a result and then click back to the results, Google will show you the “people also search for” carousel under that snippet.

from Search Engine Roundtable https://ift.tt/2IYOT6L