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Bing Webmaster Tools API Down For Over 5 Days

Mike Sullivan noticed that the Bing Webmaster API has been down for over five days now. I had him share a screen shot with me of it failing and he did so. In short…

from Search Engine Roundtable https://ift.tt/2KPH4o6

Real-Time Google Trends Excludes Many Countries In Filters

If you go to Google Trends you can filter those trends by country and the list of countries available is massive but when you go to the real time trends section, that list is a small fraction of countries you are able to filter by…

from Search Engine Roundtable https://ift.tt/2LaosLq

Google Says Pick One Testing Tool For Measuring Page Speed

As you all know very well, the Google Speed Update has begun rolling out and while it is a bit too early to see the impact SEOs and webmasters are super eager to make sure their web pages do not get dinged by this update…

from Search Engine Roundtable https://ift.tt/2NJgoTD

Google Search Algorithm Update Currently Mild

Since the roll out of the Google Speed Update – the SEO community has been on high alert to see what type of impact it has on the overall mobile search results. The deal is…

from Search Engine Roundtable https://ift.tt/2m7W69J

Google Implies Phone Number Formats Don’t Matter

You’ve all seen it, how different web sites and email signatures format their phone numbers. Some do 212-555-5555, some do (212) 555-5555, some do 212.555.5555, some do 212 555 5555…

from Search Engine Roundtable https://ift.tt/2N8nEr3

Consumers in the Age of Assistance

Explore the data and consumer insights we’ve compiled around mobile empowerment to help you rethink your marketing strategies in 2018.

from Think with Google – Discover Marketing Research & Digital Trends https://ift.tt/2Dwpfme