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Google Medic Update: What You Can Do To Fix Your Rankings

Are you looking for things you can change to “fix” your web site in the Google search results. While Google says there is nothing you can do, some SEOs are suggesting otherwise. Here is some data for an SEO tool provider showing you next steps.

from Search Engine Roundtable https://ift.tt/2KDWMxB

Google Honors Mary G. Ross, First American Indian Female Engineer

On the home page on Google.com in the United States is a special Google logo, Doodle, for Mary G. Ross. Mary Ross was the first Native American female engineer. She was most well known for her work on interplanetary space travel, manned and unmanned earth-orbiting flights, and orbiting satellites.

from Search Engine Roundtable https://ift.tt/2MtSryM

Google Cache Date Is Last Indexed Or Reindexed

Google has confirmed the date shown in the Google Cache is the date Google last indexed or reindexed a specific page. It is not the date GoogleBot last crawled the page.

from Search Engine Roundtable https://ift.tt/2B0cq70