Google Cache Date Is Last Indexed Or Reindexed

Google has confirmed the date shown in the Google Cache is the date Google last indexed or reindexed a specific page. It is not the date GoogleBot last crawled the page.

from Search Engine Roundtable

Listen To Google Speakable Markup In Action Over Here

A couple weeks ago we reported that Google launched a beta of speakable markup for news publishers and I vowed to add it here and test it out. Well, it is done and I was able to capture it working on video…

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The SEO Monopoly Game – SEOPOLY – Help Design It

Jef Van Gool from Sherlock SEO has started the process of designing a Monopoly game for the SEO community named SEOPOLY. In fact, he is asking the community to help come up with Community Chest & Chance card quotes on Twitter.

from Search Engine Roundtable

Google Search Console Index Coverage Upgraded & More Accurate

Google has updated the Google Search Console Index Coverage report to be more accurate. This process began July 14th and ended August 1st and is now showing in the reports. Because of this you may see changes in your reported index coverage, Google said.

from Search Engine Roundtable

Ask a researcher: What does ‘best’ really mean?

Google wants to understand what drives consumers “best” searches and what the word means to them. Here’s what we’ve been finding in Google data and hearing from consumers.

from Think with Google – Discover Marketing Research & Digital Trends

Beta Test The Google Ads Mobile App

Want to play with the beta version of the Google Ads mobile app for iOS or Android? You can sign up to participate in the beta now.

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Was There A Google Local Maps Algorithm Update Too?

Last Wednesday there was a big confirmed Google core web search algorithm update but some SEOs are saying there was also a local search algorithm update. Here is some new data around that.

from Search Engine Roundtable