Speakable Markup Is Now Supported On Google Home Hub

The Google Home Hub, the one with the display, now supports speakable markup. When the Google Home Hub first launched it did not support speakable markup, like the Google Home without the display.

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Some Google AdSense Payments Delayed & Still Pending

Some Google AdSense publishers and YouTube creators are noticing that they didn’t get paid yet in November from Google. Google issues a notice that they are working on getting payments out but there is currently a delay.

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Fe del Mundo, Filipino Pediatrician, Google Doodle

Today on the Google home page in the United States, Philippines, Australia and some other countries is a Google Doodle, special Google logo, for Fe del Mundo. Fe del Mundo was a Filipino pediatrician and the first woman to be admitted to Harvard Medical School.

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Google Thanksgiving Search Algorithm Ranking Update

There are a nice number of SEOs and webmasters in the forums claiming they saw huge changes in terms of their rankings in Google starting on November 22nd or so. Since it was Thanksgiving day and traffic is always off on holidays, I wanted to wait it out. But there are many claims of an update, possibly a reversal of the Medic Update for some that were originally hit.

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Google Tests Featured Snippet Image Carousel

Google is also testing a format for the featured snippets that lets you see multiple images in the position zero slot with a carousel format. So you can flip through the images in the featured snippet format.

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Google Really Launches Zero Search Results For Time, Conversions & Math

This is not a joke, Google has officially launched showing zero search results – yes, showing no actual search results – for a some very specific types of queries. When someone searches for time/date, conversion or math related answers – Google may just show the answer with a button to click to see the search results.

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Google Featured Snippet Refinement Bubbles Video Option

Google seems to be showing a special query refinement option in the featured snippets section to show videos. Eric Hedekar from Moz (formerly STAT) shared two screen shots of this in action on Twitter.

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Daily Search Forum Recap: November 22, 2018

Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web…

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Google: You Can Rank In Google Even When You Spam By Mistake

Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that even if you make a mistake and do keyword stuffing or some other spammy mistake on your site, it is still possible for the site to rank in Google because of the positive things the site is doing. “Usually we’re just ranking them because of other factors – getting one thing wrong doesn’t mean you’ll never show up in search,” John said.

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Google Video Carousel Related Videos Query Expansion Feature

SEMRush posted a screen shot of Google showing a query expansion feature, like the people also ask feature, for video carousels. It is titled “related videos” and shows you different queries you can try in Google to show more related videos in the Google search results.

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Google My Business Insights Data Latency Not Being Speed Up Now

A week or so ago, Google told us that they released an update to Google My Business Insights that would result in us getting improvements in terms of how soon we see fresh data from the analytics tools. Well, Google misspoke and now we are told we won’t see these improvements happen for at least 3 to 6 months.

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