4 Reasons People Watch Gaming Content on YouTube

Can’t wrap your head around why you’d watch gaming videos when you could just play a game? New research details why people tune into gaming videos on YouTube.

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Google: Hyphens In Search Queries Can Change Results

If someone searches for a word or term with or without a hyphen, Google can show different search results based on the query having a hyphen in it or not. So for example, [popup-style] vs [popup style] or [s-eo] vs [seo]…

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Google: Pop Up Style DIVs Better Than Interstitials

Google’s John Mueller said it is generally better to use pop up style DIVs for age verification authentications or gates as opposed to using interstitial forms. He said this on Twitter this morning.

He said when it comes to age verification gates that they “are always tricky…

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Google: Order Of Language Values In hreflang Doesn’t Matter

Google uses the hreflang attributes to serve the correct language or regional URL in their search results and many sites that use hreflang have multiple variations of their pages. One webmaster asked if it matters which order you place the hreflang in…

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Daily Search Forum Recap: June 6, 2017

Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web…

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Google Local Panels Now Rolling Out Tab User Interface?

Last month we reported that Google was testing a tab user interface to toggle between a local panel’s overview and reviews. Well, it seems like this new user interface is rolling out. Google has not confirmed it yet…

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Google: No Spring Cleaning On The Search Index

John Mueller from Google said at the 14:08 mark in the webmaster hangout video from Friday that Google doesn’t perform “Spring Cleaning” on their search index. He said “it’s not that we have Spring Cleaning in our index…

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June 2017 Google Webmaster Report

Over the past month we had a very volatile Google search ranking landscape. The whole month, the rankings and algorithms seemed to have not kept still at all. It wasn’t a massive update in my opinion, but the shuffles have kept the SEO community unnerved…

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SEO: The Movie – A Movie About Our Industry Coming Soon

John Lincoln, who we have cited her a few times, has spent the past several months producing a movie about our industry named SEO: The Movie. I saw a full draft of the movie and it was done very well. John released the trailer and will be releasing the full movie on June 20…

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Google & Bing On World Environment Day

Today on the home pages of Google and Bing are special logos and themes for World Environment Day. Google has a simple Google logo that grows into a green plant, whereas Bing’s home page was revamped into the Mooserboden Reservoir near Kaprun…

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