Inside Google Marketing: 3 ways we think about SEO

Google owns thousands of websites. We don’t always get search engine optimization (SEO) right, but have discovered 3 things to help with your website SEO.

from Think with Google – Discover Marketing Research & Digital Trends

Speakable Markup Is Now Supported On Google Home Hub

The Google Home Hub, the one with the display, now supports speakable markup. When the Google Home Hub first launched it did not support speakable markup, like the Google Home without the display.

from Search Engine Roundtable

Some Google AdSense Payments Delayed & Still Pending

Some Google AdSense publishers and YouTube creators are noticing that they didn’t get paid yet in November from Google. Google issues a notice that they are working on getting payments out but there is currently a delay.

from Search Engine Roundtable

Fe del Mundo, Filipino Pediatrician, Google Doodle

Today on the Google home page in the United States, Philippines, Australia and some other countries is a Google Doodle, special Google logo, for Fe del Mundo. Fe del Mundo was a Filipino pediatrician and the first woman to be admitted to Harvard Medical School.

from Search Engine Roundtable